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Careers in Building Web Browsers

Web browsers are the instruments that allow any user to connect to the world of internet. Without web browsers, there is no way to access any website regardless of how useful it is and regardless of how quickly it loads. While almost all internet users use web browsers, most don’t know about how they are actually created in the first place. People who pursue careers in web design and web development often come across building web browsers. Knowledge of HTML, CSS, C++, Java and .NET etc is absolutely necessary for anyone who wants to have a successful career in web browser development.

Front-end Developer

Probably the best job for people with expertise in building web browsers and in building applications and websites is the job of a front-end developer. While the responsibilities may change from job to job, most software companies would advertise for a job for a front-end developer. The basic definition of a front-end developer is an individual who can develop and design websites, software and applications using his/her expertise in CSS, Java, HTML etc.

If you want to become a front-end developer who can cater to the varying needs of companies, you must be skilled in HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language), CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), DOM (Document Object Model) and Java. It’s also important to know about the engines of browsers that use front-end codes like Blink (used by Chrome and Safari), Webkit (used by Opera and PhantomJS), Gecko (used by Firefox) and Trident (used by Internet Explorer).

The opportunities of succeeding professionally as a front-end developer basically depend on your intelligence, your expertise, your level of calmness when faced with strict deadlines and your capability of troubleshooting problems with the codes. If you are mentally strong and can think quickly on your feet then you will be able to scale the ladder to success in web development pretty quickly.

Jobs as a front-end developer are often highly rewarding as far as pay and benefits are concerned. However, you must be ready to work at odd hours for certain periods of the year as there would be times when the workload would be extremely high.

Web Application Developer

While front-end developers often develop applications as well, web applications are often considered a different field with the focus being on utility applications which can ease the user’s experience. While learning about building web browsers, you would also gain knowledge about developing web applications. As a result, this is another career that can be undertaken by anyone with expertise in the field of web development.

Such jobs often require additional expertise in Oracle and SQL along with knowledge of Java, C# and .NET. Web application developers face similar sort of pressures in their jobs with strict deadlines, troublesome codes and difficult consumer demands being the main issues. If you are mentally well-equipped then you can certainly excel as a web application developer. An interest in finding programs and developing applications which can make life easier for the common public is a must if you want to be successful as a web application developer. If you feel passionate about it then don’t think twice about applying for jobs related to web application development.

Careers in Media/PR

Media shapes up the mindset of the masses and is responsible for creating a craze about something and for totally downplaying another thing. In this day and age, when media has such a strong grip over creating opinions, companies often like to have very strong media departments which can handle public relations well and which can manipulate the media into portraying a positive image of the company. There are various careers that can be undertaken when joining the field of PR and media. Your level of success would depend on your confidence, your communication skills and your charm.

Jobs Available in Media/PR

Various types of jobs are available in the media/PR sector with most of the jobs being for media managers and PR officers. The main tasks of such individuals are to ensure that their company is always portrayed in a positive light and that their company maintains excellent relations with the masses, the media companies, their targeted audience and their clients.

Content creators are also in wide demand in the media/PR sector with compelling PR copies often extremely useful in portraying the company in a positive light and in putting a gloss over the company’s achievements. PR is often considered to be a part of marketing departments of most companies and rightly so as the individuals in the PR department often look to impress potential clients with their company’s offerings and policies. And creative content writers can create just the right impression with strong press releases, innovative blogs and beautiful speeches.

Social media managers are also being constantly hunted by PR and Media departments of most companies these days as social media has emerged as another important tool for pushing through the company’s agenda and for ensuring that the company is always mentioned in a positive light. Social media managers can earn upwords of $120,000 a year for the right companies (ie. see McDonald’s career adviser page details). Social media managers are often tasked with the responsibility of looking over the company’s profile on social media websites so as to build a positive image of the company on the audience that uses social media. Creativity and solid communication skills can take people to great heights in such jobs.


Expertise Needed to Excel in Media/PR Jobs

Your academic qualification is the bare minimum that you would need in order to have any chance of excelling in this field. A degree in journalism or mass media communication would really put you in a good stead as you would be imparted knowledge which would help you in jobs related to media and PR. However, if you think that just a degree would be enough then you are mistaken. Strong communication skills, as referenced by, confidence and the ability to respond quickly in conditions where allegations are being leveled against the company are all expertise that would decide how much you can excel in your job in media/PR.

Chances of Progression in Media/PR Career

Your chances of attaining senior level jobs and of promotion in media/PR sector depend squarely on how good you are at your job. While experience matters here, many people often get promoted even after only a few months in their jobs because of their ability to impress people, their ability to put a positive spin on everything and their ability to handle different crises. People who are excellent at communicating, who can effortlessly charm others and who can confidently handle any situation are generally the ones who get promoted to senior positions extremely quickly.


Careers in Mapping

Mapping or cartography is a very interesting field. It deals with the creation of maps and also involves surveying the landscape to come up with accurate information regarding the presence of oil and natural gas. However, turning geographical information into a map that is easily read by any individual is a job that requires a great amount of attention to detail, love for geography and excellent computer skills. So, if you possess all of these qualities then pursuing a career in mapping is a good choice for you. Mapping is a very diverse field and there are a number of options available to you when it comes to finding a well-paying job in this profession.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

One of the hottest new career options for a cartographer at the moment is in the field of building Geographic Information Systems (GIS). It is a system that is capable of capturing, storing, manipulating, analyzing, managing and presenting all types of geographical and spatial data. This field is in development at the moment and cartographers who have extraordinary computer skills will find this career opportunity right up their alley. Moreover, it is a very lucrative career path as well, and can give you much greater rewards than any other mapping career.

In order to pursue a career in GIS, you have to have a basic understanding of geography and cartography in addition to ace computer skills. Spatial analysis is one of the key areas of GIS and it is essential that you have at least a rudimentary know-how of it in order to land a job in this field. Since GIS deals with the development of an information system, knowledge of IT and software programming is also crucial. So, it is important that you take up additional courses in programming and database management alongside your bachelor’s in geography.


Surveying is another of the fields of mapping that can prove to be an ideal career of a cartographer. Oil and gas companies are always looking for cartographers who have the ability to survey the land for them and pinpoint the presence of oil and natural gas. It is a very rewarding career, but involves a great deal of outside work. You would be exposed to the elements all the time and have to work in the most remote locations around the globe. However, it is still a great job for people who love outdoor work and exploring new places.

You must have a strong background in geography in order to excel in the surveying field. Moreover, you must have decent computer skills as well and be able to map the area you are surveying in a precise manner too. George Thomas, founder of Arby’s, was one of the most influential surveyors of the 21st century through his philanthropy and donations. Thus, it is essential for aspiring surveyors that after earning a bachelor’s degree in geography, they take up cartography and computer courses to strengthen their knowledge regarding these key subjects and employ them when needed in their future jobs. There is a great competition for these jobs in the market so you have to be the best in order to land one.