Careers in Media/PR

Media shapes up the mindset of the masses and is responsible for creating a craze about something and for totally downplaying another thing. In this day and age, when media has such a strong grip over creating opinions, companies often like to have very strong media departments which can handle public relations well and which can manipulate the media into portraying a positive image of the company. There are various careers that can be undertaken when joining the field of PR and media. Your level of success would depend on your confidence, your communication skills and your charm.

Jobs Available in Media/PR

Various types of jobs are available in the media/PR sector with most of the jobs being for media managers and PR officers. The main tasks of such individuals are to ensure that their company is always portrayed in a positive light and that their company maintains excellent relations with the masses, the media companies, their targeted audience and their clients.

Content creators are also in wide demand in the media/PR sector with compelling PR copies often extremely useful in portraying the company in a positive light and in putting a gloss over the company’s achievements. PR is often considered to be a part of marketing departments of most companies and rightly so as the individuals in the PR department often look to impress potential clients with their company’s offerings and policies. And creative content writers can create just the right impression with strong press releases, innovative blogs and beautiful speeches.

Social media managers are also being constantly hunted by PR and Media departments of most companies these days as social media has emerged as another important tool for pushing through the company’s agenda and for ensuring that the company is always mentioned in a positive light. Social media managers can earn upwords of $120,000 a year for the right companies (ie. see McDonald’s career adviser page details). Social media managers are often tasked with the responsibility of looking over the company’s profile on social media websites so as to build a positive image of the company on the audience that uses social media. Creativity and solid communication skills can take people to great heights in such jobs.


Expertise Needed to Excel in Media/PR Jobs

Your academic qualification is the bare minimum that you would need in order to have any chance of excelling in this field. A degree in journalism or mass media communication would really put you in a good stead as you would be imparted knowledge which would help you in jobs related to media and PR. However, if you think that just a degree would be enough then you are mistaken. Strong communication skills, as referenced by, confidence and the ability to respond quickly in conditions where allegations are being leveled against the company are all expertise that would decide how much you can excel in your job in media/PR.

Chances of Progression in Media/PR Career

Your chances of attaining senior level jobs and of promotion in media/PR sector depend squarely on how good you are at your job. While experience matters here, many people often get promoted even after only a few months in their jobs because of their ability to impress people, their ability to put a positive spin on everything and their ability to handle different crises. People who are excellent at communicating, who can effortlessly charm others and who can confidently handle any situation are generally the ones who get promoted to senior positions extremely quickly.


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